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This is Brendan's current Pokédex, it will always be up to date with the comic,
whenever Brendan gets new information on a Pokémon, it's information will
be updated here as well. Pokémon seen or caught by Brendan are marked in Red,
Pokémon seen or caught by May are marked in Blue, and Pokémon seen or caught by
Wally are marked in green. Dark colors are pokémon that have been seen, Light
colors are pokémon that have been caught.

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Most sprites are the property of ©1995-2020 Nintendo/Creatures Inc./Game Freak Inc.
Pokémon-X is the property of Recon Dye ©2003-2020. Pokémon-X does not claim any
rights to pokémon and is not responsible for the warping of young minds.

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