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Raindrops on roses and whiskers on kittens,
Bright copper kettles and warm woolen mittens,
Brown paper packages tied up with strings,
These are a few of my favorite LINKS!! HA!!

8-bit Theatre - Brian Clevinger

I think this is the comic, that encouraged me to make a sprite comic, it's the adventures of Fighter, Black Mage, Thief and Red Mage from Final Fantasy I, fulfilling the destiny of the light warriors, even though they aren't really the light warriors.
A Modest Destiny - Sean Howard

This is one of my favorite sprite comics, it involves the journey of Maxim, a humble hero who fights ninjas, giant slimes and the undead.
Angel Moxie - Dan @ Venis Productions

This is a cute comic about three junior high school girls, who thwart the forces of evil demons from another dimension. This comics has finished it's story and is currently in reruns.
Black Tapestries - Shana Pinkelton

This happens to be the first webcomic I ever read, I can't remember who introduced me to it, but this is essentially what made me want to make a comic, it's the story of Lorelei, a werefox who fights her way out of horrifying adventures.
Blue Zombie - Esrix, Gah and Jakal

This well drawn comic about a cute zombie named Zoey and the other crazy people she lives with.
Bob and George - David Anez

This is the Original Sprite Comic! It started off as a message, stating the drawn comic would not be ready, and eventually became one of the most popular comics out there.
Captain SNES - Jay Dee (I think that's his name)

This is another sprite comic that inspired me to make Pokémon-X, it's the story of Alex, the second generation savior of videoland, or is he, but unlike the original savior, Captain N, Alex is a bit more unorthodox.
Ctrl-Alt-Del - Tim Buckley

This is one of the best comics I've read by far, it's well drawn, well colored, and contains a lot of gamer humor.
El Goonish Shive - Dan Shive

I remember the first time I read this comic, I started from the beginning, and read all three hundred in one night, that's how good this comic is. It's about.. well that's hard to explain, there's a weresquirrel, martial artists, aliens and demons, WARNING: This comic is addictive!
Kid Radd - Dan Miller

This is an odd sprite comic, it's original sprites from games that don't exist, It's different from other sprite comics though, it's slightly animated. This comic is no longer in production though.
Ghastlys Ghastly Comic - Ghastly

The guy who draws this comic, is the same guy who drew all those pictures of James from Team Rocket with breasts, he's a good artist with a good sense of humor, this comic is considered hentai by most, but I just consider it funny!
Roger and Dominic - TD McEachern

This is another one of my favorite comics, and I've talked to the author a few times in E-mails.. or I might have dreamt that, this comic is about a loveable human named Roger and his alien friend Dominic.
Sushi Gummy - George Boden

I met this guy at ComicCon 09, and we've be friends ever since.. he's awesome down to the core and his comic is one of the few that makes me laugh, enjoy the Story of "Main Character" as he is sucked into different video games to fight his way out.
Star Trek Shorts - Lord Raldok

This comic is made by my dear friend Raldok, he's been an eternal source of inspiration for me, his comic takes place in the star trek universe, it's about two abandoned starfleet officers, a hot alien chick, and a genetically altered, transdimensional tribble.
The Wotch - Anne Onymous and Robin Ericson

I like to cinsider myself a friend of Robin Ericson's, we've e-mailed each other a few times, but I've never really talked to Anne, but with that out of the way, this comic rocks, the drawing style, the awesome coloring, and the addictive characters, not to mention all the magic. And like my Pokémon-X, they put themselves in their own comic.

This is a pretty cool site, it's about Homestar Runner, and various other characters, it has games, cartoons and Strong Bad!.
Secret of Mana Theater - Sprite Monkey

This is an awesome flash comic which takes place in the Secret of Mana game, it follows the misadventures of Seth, as he tries to stop the destruction of his world.
Weebl and Bob - J. Picking

I like pie!

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