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Here you can find the contact information
of those who are involved with the comic.

Recon Dye

Recon Dye is the creator of the comic, he does all
sprite ripping and everything else on the comics.
He also designed all of the webpages for Pokémon-X.
(He also invented toast)

Please read the FAQ page before asking questions.
The answer is most likely there. (Including questions about
updates, so do not e-mail Recon with anything about updates.)

Please do not e-mail me or message me asking for sprites,
or where I get them, if you want to know about sprites,
please refer to the FAQ page.

By e-mailing me, you are giving me the right to repost the messages, along with your e-mail address,
for any reason that I see fit. Don't worry, this only happens in cases of extreme stupidity of the
sender. For example: Someone who e-mails me about sprites, updates, or harasses me.

Pokémon is the property of Nintendo. ©1995-2020 Nintendo/Pokémon USA, Inc.
Most sprites are the property of ©1995-2020 Nintendo/Creatures Inc./Game Freak Inc.
Pokémon-X is the property of Recon Dye ©2003-2020. Pokémon-X does not claim any
rights to pokémon and is not responsible for the warping of young minds.

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